Deutsche Mittelstandsholding

invests in small and medium-sized companies of the German ‘Mittelstand’

About us

We in invest in small and medium-sized companies of the German ‘Mittelstand‘ across industries.

We are pursuing the further expansion of our corporate group through organic and external growth of our group companies, as well as the acquisition of additional companies. We have extensive experience in acquiring companies out of insolvency via business asset sale and operative restructuring of small and medium-sized companies.

We finance acquisitions independent from banks and are able to decide and act quickly. We are a reliable partner for insolvency administrators. (Acquisitions from: HWW, BRRS, Schultze & Braun, Hoge Gutsche Walter, Piepenburg-Gerling, Curator, Dr. Beck & Partner, Brinkmann & Partner, Schneider Geiwitz, Niemeier Sunder Lißner, Niering Stock Tömp).

As active shareholders, we support our group companies in strategic, business and operating issues and provide our network of relationships. We provide long-term equity financing for the development of our group companies and do not attempt to divest group companies after a pre-determined holding period.

We invest the funds of our managing partners; as well funds from a group of investors comprised of entrepreneurs, wealthy families, and experienced managers. Our investment focus is on small and medium-sized companies in special situations. Occasionally, we pursue larger acquisitions together with institutional co-investors.